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Commercial & Fleet

E-Boatique has many years of experience operating in the electric boat day hire market using a number of different boat options. We have our own hire fleet Pure Boating boat hire with a bespoke on line booking service as well as a telemetry system and can advise you if you are thinking of starting a similar business.
We partner with a number of different manufacturers to provide robust and practical hire boats for fleets, hospitality use, for example in hotels, and also ferries for inland waterways both in the UK and abroad. We work on solar boats with an experienced Italian company who can supply boats for up to 35 passengers in partnership with E-Boatique.
E-boatique is an exciting innovative company founded in January 2018 and is operated by longterm electric boat specialists at Henley Sales & Charter Ltd. to offer expertise in all aspects of electric boating. Whether you wish to buy, broker or convert a boat, E-boatique can help. E-boatique acts as agent for a number of selected boat manufacturers worldwide as well as offering engineering services to electric boat owners.
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