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Honda unveils new Electric Outboards

February 10, 2023
by E-Boatique

An exciting new player in the Electric Outboard Motor arena?

Honda has revealed a prototype of its electric outboard motor at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, potentially providing a greener alternative to its traditional combustion engines commonly seen on boats worldwide.

electric outboard motor - honda - screenshot
Honda electric outboard motor on the stand at Düsseldorf BOOT boat show
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The transom-mount electric outboard has a refined design, but its specifications have not been disclosed. It is likely designed for small boats and may have a power rating between 1-3 hp. Although small, electric outboards can offer equivalent performance to combustion engines with 2-3 times the power rating.

Honda's electric outboard motor is designed to work with its Mobile Power Pack e, a portable battery pack aimed at becoming a standard for swappable power supplies.

It is used in several of its electric scooters and has the potential to be used in other mobility products like micro-EVs. Electric outboard motors are becoming increasingly popular as electric boats gain popularity on the water.

Mercury recently entered the market with its Avator 7.5e electric outboard with swappable batteries, followed by more powerful models in the Avator line. The Veer X13 electric boat will utilize the Avator 7.5e motor. Other companies like Torqeedo offer a wide range of electric powertrain options for electric boats.

We look forward to finding out more once Honda goes to market with its electric outboard motor.

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