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Ace - a 5 seater electric boat
Compact and stable - it is the ideal charter boat

The Ace is eminently suitable for fleet or private ownership depending on the finish.

The ACE has generous proportions. Its large width provides it with excellent stability and exceptional living space for its size. 5 passengers may take their places on board in all safety. Born out exchanges and groundwork with the charters, the ACE model its most attractive features are its aesthetics and comfort, as well as its simplicity of family use.

At our sister boat hire company, Pure Boating, we often send out the Ace with a family of four or five on board and they love it.

We have years of experience working with the manufacturer of this boat and are proud to be their sole agents in the UK.

With its pricing starting at £10,222 (ex VAT) this is a boat which can earn its way in no time at all. There is an optional sun canopy identical to the one on the Scoop.

This is a no nonsense boat for lakes and rivers.

The boat is built of low maintenance GRP in a choice of colours and can be enhanced with a set of cushions for added comfort. Choice of colour available to create your bespoke fleet image.

It sports a powerful ECO 1 12 volt Pod motor developed in house at Ruban Bleu which costs £1,000 more than the basic boat with the 650 watt motor. However for river use and areas where there is a current, this is an addition well worth having.

NB: Pricing may change due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate and the cost of shipping.

Price & Specifications

Starting price
ex VAT
7 hours
Top Speed
7 km/h
The new ECO 1kw POD motor
320 a/h
12 volts
12 V 35amp
12ft 6ins
6ft3 ins
270 kgs
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Ruban Bleu - Ace - Order form
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