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Windermere Open Electric Launch 25,27,30
Open electric launch with strip cedar planking/epoxy - light and durable

The advantage of this “spirit of tradition” style of building boats is that the weight is lesser than it would be if the boat were simply moulded from fibreglass. The hull can be painted in the colour of your choice and altered at will. The decks and interior woods are a mix of Cumbrian timber featuring cherry, oak and Douglas fir, as requested.

This elegant open launch first came onto the market about 15 years ago and was then reimagined 5 years ago to increase comfort for passengers and skipper. While the zen aesthetic appeals to a certain sector of the boating population increasingly our customers are looking for boat interiors which make on board comfort a priority so that a full day on the water becomes a total pleasure with the emphasis on relaxation.

With prices starting at £58,000 excl VAT, The Windermere Launch is available in three lengths:

  • Windermere 25 (25ft)
  • Windermere 27 (27ft)
  • Windermere 30 (30ft)

Whatever the design length you choose there is room for a central console with a skipper seat affording support for the back and ease of movement. With additional seating provided in the bow and stern with the option of a movable table at either end (or both). When not in use the table stows away. A fridge can be added in the bow as can a canopy if required.

Hamish Patterson, master boat builder, is unrivalled in his skill and passion for craftsmanship. His team at Patterson Boatworks have mastered the art of constructing stylish launches using the best of today’s technologies married with traditional timbers and materials.

We will work with you throughout the design and construction process, always ensuring that your Windermere Launch is the epitome of traditional elegance, superior quality and timeless appeal.

There is currently a Windermere 27 in build.

Call us for more information on 01491 578870.

Price & Specifications

Starting price
ex VAT
25ft, 27ft, 30ft
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