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Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice has been with the same owners for many many years. Like many well loved classic boats she has become like a cherished family member. However advancing years suggests a prudent moment to sell. Electric canoes are something of a specialist interest with their elongated shape influenced no doubt by the Prince Consort (Queen Victoria's eldest son Edward) and his fascination with all things native American at the turn of the last century. They became almost ubiquitous on the Thames with many builders producing them for hire up and down the reaches of the Thames and especially in Maidenhead. 

Designed by Linton Hope, born Linton Chorley Hopps in 1863, an Olympic sailor and a well respected designer of Thames boats including the glorious A raters which still race on the Thames, Princess Beatrice was built by Meakes and Redknap of Marlow in 1907. She was bought by Dr Grace of Ludham in East Anglia and christened Halycon. In 1990 the boat was rescued from the mud at Ludham Bridge marina where she had sunk. Fortunately the boat was brought back to the Thames for the venerable Fred Bourne who was one of the founders of the original Thames Traditional Boat Rally. He instructed Guy Wootten to do a complete restoration and at this time the Steam and Electric Launch Company supplied the new 48 volt 2kw Nelco electric motor and 8 lead acid batteries. More recently a new charger and controller have been fitted and the boat performs immaculately.

The hull is double skinned, with the outer layer being carvel mahogany over a teak inner skin. This type of quality construction is in fact quite rare. 

Princess Beatrice has room for six in comfort, a full length cover, fitted cushions and a charming old paddle with the initials and year of build. 

Might you commit to being just the fourth or fifth owner in over a century ? 

For viewing on the middle Thames please call the office on 01491 578870.

Price & Specifications

1.4 kw Nelco electric motor
4ft 2ins
Meakes and Redknap
Year of build
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